Why You Should Use A Feedback Widget Inside Your Feedback Loop

September 16, 2021 - 9 min read

We all know that marketing is vital in any business; this will attract most of your audience to your products. However, it doesn’t stop there. After creating and marketing your product, you want to keep improving it. By asking your customers what they think about your product, or better yet, what your product could improve, you will create more long-lasting customers and new ones. Creating a feedback loop using a feedback widget could be just what you need to take your product to the next level.

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A feedback loop occurs when customers leave feedback on a product, and the company uses this feedback to improve the product. It forms a loop when customers leave feedback on the improved version, allowing the company to improve it again. This way, the loop can continue forever.


The easiest way to implement a feedback loop into your business is to use a feedback widget. These widgets create a space on your website where customers can leave feedback; this allows them to leave feedback quickly and easily, making it more likely that you will receive feedback from multiple customers.


When searching for the perfect feedback widget for you to use in your feedback loop, you’ll come across many different options. However, we stand out. We are a relatively new company, still in the process of growing. Our priority is helping your company grow by using your customer feedback, and they make the process easy for you.

The Luumy feedback widget is super lightweight; with just two lines of code, you’ll have it embedded on your website, and customers will be able to initiate feedback-driven contact with you. The script will give you a feedback button that customers can click to provide their feedback, which is super noticeable and easy to use, just like the feedback button on this page. They will be able to rate your product and give detailed advice on how you can improve it.

Besides being easy to integrate into your feedback loop and perfect for user feedback, this widget is versatile. You can customize it to fit your needs and choose between four different options:

  1. SCORE ONLY- allows customers to leave a rating
  2. SCORE WITH A DESCRIPTION- allows customers to leave a rating and reason based on their user experience
  3. SCORE WITH AN OPTIONAL EMAIL FIELD- allows you to receive ratings via email, Slack, Discord or Microsoft Teams

These options ensure that your Luumy customer feedback widget fits your business and the type of feedback you want to collect. By using the email option, you can contact the customer. And asks them for more feedback or help them with any question they may have.

Another cool feature of the Luumy widget is that you can ask your customers specific questions., this makes it easy for you to get feedback on things you feel you need to improve. By doing this, you can also initiate a more personal relationship with your customers, which makes your brand feel trustworthy. Customers value their opinions being heard and seeing that you use this feedback to improve your product.

Using Luumy will keep this process of the feedback loop fluid and straightforward. By embedding just two lines of code, you can receive feedback, question customers, directly and initiate team collaboration.


As of right now, we offer two different price packages.

For beginners, the Starter Package feedback widget is free and allows you to get used to using it in your feedback loop and reaping the benefits. By choosing this package, you will get a maximum of 50 responses per month. This is perfect for businesses just starting up and needing customer feedback to improve their product and appeal to a broader audience. You can also use this widget for multiple team members, receive email notifications, and customize it to suit your needs. It is a smaller package, but you get access to plenty of features to help boost your business for free.

If you choose the Pro Package, you will be paying €10 per month for a broader range of features. For this price, you will receive a maximum of 1000 responses per month, as well as the opportunity to utilize custom data fields, CSV and Excel Exports, and have the responses appear as notifications on Discord, Slack and Microsoft Teams. This price package is excellent for a business of any size because the more efficient your feedback loop is, the more quickly you will apply that feedback and implement changes in your website/application.


We designed Luumy’s feedback widget to be easily applicable to any website. By choosing the Pro Package, you can share the responses your customers leave on Discord, Slack and Microsoft Teams. This way, you can easily share it with your entire team and discuss this feedback on whatever platform you prefer.

The subscription model is hassle-free and will allow you to start receiving feedback immediately. The ‘feedback’ button on your website will direct your customers to the customized feedback widget that you have chosen. Inside the feedback popup, customers will be able to provide a rating and description. They will also be asked for their email.

Luumy acts as more than just a feedback widget; it is a gateway to connect your website to your BI app of choice. With the Pro version of this widget, you can export all the feedback you receive on your website to another communication app to share it with your team. This saves you time and hassle because you won’t have to manually move the data across, especially if you receive up to 1000 responses per month with the Pro widget. You’ll want your business to expand with time, which means that your website must grow too. Using Luumy to export all this vital information will make running your website more efficient and help you get everything in order.


Your digital presence is the easiest and most accessible way to boost your business, and a successful feedback loop is just one small part of that. The loop (and the feedback widgets that you use to gather user experience within the circle) participates in an entire chain of online marketing. The foundation of all this is your objective as a business. You should have three questions in mind as you build upon this:

  1. What do you hope to achieve?
  2. Who is your intended audience?
  3. What are the best ways to promote your brand?

Identifying the demographic that your brand will most appeal to is the easiest way to get started, then you need to target your marketing. This is where your website will come in convenient because it acts as a digital shopfront for what you are offering. Customers will see everything on your website, and the more they can see, the more they will understand and trust you. That is why a feedback loop is imperative: it gives users a personal say in your business and will help you turn your website visitors into paying customers.

If you are a newer business that is still establishing itself, you won’t want to pay out more for feedback widgets than you feel you can make back, which is why Luumy’s free feedback widget is a great way to get started. Then, as you get more adept at using your feedback loop to boost your business, you can progress onto the widget that costs €10 per month. This is such a low price for everything included and will help your business run smoothly.


So, we’ve established that a feedback loop is an essential component of digital marketing and that feedback widgets play an integral role in keeping this all running fluidly. Customers can always leave reviews of products or services on your website, but using feedback widgets allows you to collect the data easily actively and then export it. Efficiency is critical if you want to work your way up in the online business world.

Luumy is an excellent addition to any website offering any services or products. Still, it is an especially great way for Software as a Service (SaaS) founders or SaaS project teams to hit the ground running and improve their services. Customers are the ones who will use your creations, so you should work their feedback into what you offer in a way that will keep everything on track. Businesses selling products benefit from customers being able to receive them physically, so those participating in SaaS need the same reassurance that they are being heard. Luumy is an incredible tool for that.

Of course, the main things that you need for a successful online business or service are hard work and perseverance because even with all the extra benefits of the modern age, it can be slow going at first. Customer satisfaction rides on how well a company deals with complaints and constructive criticism, so seeing a website encouraging those things with a feedback widget will show them that you are entirely legitimate and are interested in what they have to say.

The Luumy feedback widget will stay in perfect working order for your website and keep up that relationship between business owner and customer without any interference needed from you. Though they advance your website and interactions with customers, Luumy feedback widgets also allow you to relax more and let the advanced technology run by two lines of embedded code do all the work. You can intervene to ask customers questions, but the feedback widget will open that door, especially with how it collects user email addresses.

Ultimately, your business can only benefit from including a feedback widget, and Luumy is offering everything you need to advance your feedback loop. They are a company that is only just getting started, and you can keep up to date with their services by visiting their website. You can also use their own feedback service to ask questions and gather further information, which proves that they practice what they preach.

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