What we did the last month to make luumy even better

Published August 6, 2021 - 3 min read

Last month we have been working quite hard on a lot of little improvements. Improvements to the UI, the widget and some little stuff you will probably won't notice.

Lets get in to detail about some off the big improvements! After that well take a look at some small improvements. last but not least there is a small glimpse in to the roadmap of luumy!

Widget edit screen

This is probaly the biggest change this release! As you can see the new redesigned "widget" edit page. On this page you can quickly edit the question / button text / thank you text, while also having a realtime preview of your new changes!

This will give you a great insight in how your widget will show like to your customers.


Email update

After you have recieved feedback and you have enabled mail notifications, you now also see the score type inside your email! This gives you the ability to decide if you need to take action right now, no one wants unhappy customers right?

The feedback mail includes the project name inside the subject of the mail, just to make it a bit easier for you to distingush between multiple feedback projects. Last but not least, the mail also has the page the feedback was sent on.


Every feedback now also saves the current device / platform and browser the feedback was sent from. This gives a better view on what kind of customers give feedback. Together with the export this gives you the ability to do sorting based on device type on your favorite BI tool

Better Validation Message

To make sure the customers gives valuable feedback the widget now kindly asks if either a Score or a Message can be filled in. This messaged has been updated to make it customer friendly.

if you provice a customer email trough the widget meta option, every value that corresponds to an email addres defaults to a mail:to link. Just to make life abit easier!

Improved filtering

You can now filter the feedback based on predefined ranges.


The following months the focus lays on the widget, and the features surrounding this widget.

Firstly on the roadmap is an easy to embed widget just like on our homepage. Ready to receive feedback any moment your customers needs to!

Secondly in the workings is a great default button ready for any website to integrate in just a script import.

Thirdly plugins & integrations. To make receiving feedback simpler we are looking at making CMS plugins, think wordpress / drupal / joomla.


Luumy runs on php 8 as of today! Livewire / alpine js also have been updated to the latest release. Good practice to stay up to date!

We changed some small things in the backend of the widget to make it future proof. This gives the ability the make a direct embed available soon!

Stay tuned! We hope this update makes receiving customer feedback even easier than we already made it to be!

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