Installing luumy on your website

June 23, 2021 - 2 min read

Step 1

Make sure you are logged in! If you don't have an account, register here. Once logged in, check that you are in the right team to which you want to add the project.

You can see what team you are in, in the top right.

If you are not in the right team, you can always create a new one or switch to the correct one.

Step 2

Press the "create project" button in the top right corner.

After pressing this button, a modal will show. Inside the modal will be a form through which trough you can create the feedback widget.

Choosing the right name

Give your project an internal name to help organize and locate it quickly within your account. For example: 'Feedback landing page'.

Choosing the right question

The "question" in this form is almost as important as choosing the right score type. The question will be shown at the top of your widget. It will be the first line your customer reads when opening the feedback widget. Let's stay with the idea that you are using the feedback widget to receive customer feedback throughout your whole app. Maybe a question like "What's a key feature you are missing?" or a question like "How can MyAwesomeApp make your life even easier?".

Choosing the correct score type

Right now, we support three kinds of score types, emoji, stars, and thumbs up or down.


Suppose you want to give the customer to specify better what kind of feedback they wish to submit. In that case, emoji is the way to go since it can add emotion to the input.


When asking customers/users for a rating, "star" is the way to go! If you have a question that refers to a rating or a recommendation. The star score type fits nicely.


When picking a question like "Did you find this blog post helpful?" a simple thumbs up or thumbs down can say more than a thousand words.

After filling the form, press save!

Step 3

After creating the project, you will be redirected to the feedback overview. This is sadly still empty. Let's change that by installing the widget inside your website!

Go to the installation tab.

Copy the script tag and place it inside your website's <head>.

After doing this, add the data-luumy="PROJECT_KEY" attribute to the button you want to use to open the widget.

Step 4

Time to start receiving feedback!

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