Ask questions, get customer feedback, build better products!

Luumy keeps growing based on your feedback, and your product can do this too! By using Luumy you can easily implement your customer’s feedback and improve your product.

Easy to integrate

Code example of a luumy integration

Luumy’s feedback tool consists of only two lines of code, making it super easy to integrate. you will have your very own feedback button on your website in no time!

Get notifications when receiving feedback

By turning on the feedback notifications, you will receive a notification in your preferred Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams channel or receive an Email. This way, you and your team can easily read your newly received feedback.

Microsoft Teams

Customize to your needs

Widget with only a score field
Widget with score and description
Widget with score and an email field
Widget with score description and an email field

Every company has different needs. By customizing your widget using the different options, you can create the perfect widget for you.

Score only

Score with a description

Score with an optional email field

Score with a description and an optional email field

Get insight into your customer's opinions. No clutter.

Nothing is more important than your customers. By using Luumy’s feedback widget, you can easily collect all their opinions, thoughts and suggestions. It is easy to use, for you and your customers!

Check out our pricing


Different prices for different needs

Choose a plan that fits your company. Between our Starter Package or Pro Package, we have something for everyone.


No credit card required

  • 50 total responses/month

  • Multiple team members

  • Email notifications

  • Widget customization (coming soon)

€ 10 /mo

Get all our features!

  • 1000 total responses/month

  • Custom data fields

  • CSV & Excel Exports

  • Notifications via discord, slack and teams


Luumy is an embeddable feedback tool that allows you to ask your customers questions and provide you with real user feedback. Operating with a simple script tag, Luumy brings the simplicity of feedback gathering and team collaboration in one app.

  • Simple Subscription Model

    Luumy’s subscription is easy to use and even easier to try out. Start with our free Starter Package and easily upgrade whenever you are ready. Start collecting feedback right away!

  • Export your data

    Luumy offers a quick and easy way to export your customers' feedback from your website to your BI app of choice. This way, you and your team can all read and discuss the feedback you receive, in an app you already use. It couldn’t be easier!

  • Feedback driven development

    Your customers are the most important part of your business. By collecting their feedback and using this to improve, your business will only get better! Luumy makes this simple: no more guessing what the customer wants - ask them directly!

  • Support via discord or mail

    Got a question? Join our discord server or contact us through email. We will answer any question you have! And ofcourse, if you have any feedback, you know where to leave it…